itunes - an R package to query itunes

Just realeased this, still under development!

itunes is an R package interface to the iTunes RSS Feeds

The following functions are implemented:

  • get_reviews: Download reviews associated with an App, Movie or Other
  • get_top: Search top n items based on iTunes downloads


  • search_itunes: Search existing apps to get their iTunes id for reviews & ratings
  • get_top_movies: Get a list of top/trending Movies on iTunes & SubCategories
  • get_top_hits: Get a list of top/trending Songs on iTunes & SubCategories
  • get_top_albums: Get a list of top/trending Albums on iTunes & SubCategories
  • get_top_apps: Get a list of top/trending Apps on iTunes & SubCategories




reviews.df <- get_reviews(1161476603)
top.df <- get_top(n=10)


  • Currently us is only implemented country.
  • get_reviews is limited top most recent 500 reviews

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